Steph Curry Masterclass Review | Is it Worth the Cost? [2022]

The Steph Curry Masterclass may be the ideal option if you want to teach the fundamentals of basketball to your children or if you are an experienced player looking to improve your jump shot.

In 17 short videos, Steph Curry’s Masterclass teaches you the fundamentals of basketball. Dribbling, scoring, and shooting are all skills you’ll pick up from the two-time NBA MVP. In this Masterclass, Steph explains his scoring methods, workouts, mental attitude, and mechanics.

An accompanying booklet includes shot-tracking sheets, a training programme and evaluations. During “office hours,” you may also ask Steph questions.

Steph Curry Masterclass Review

Steph Curry Masterclass Review


  • Learning from two-time NBA MVP and basketball specialist is an incredible opportunity
  • A simple yet comprehensive notebook that includes shot-tracking sheets is available for purchase.
  • High-quality videos that have been filmed in a professional manner


  • Learning a sport through an online course, especially for youngsters under the age of 18, is difficult

You’ll get the chance to learn from one of the industry’s top experts one-on-one in this course! Steph is an excellent instructor who has a plenty of expertise to draw on. His lessons may establish discipline and a solid work ethic in aspiring basketball players since he is a powerful motivator.

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How Much Does Steph Curry Masterclass Cost?

For those who want to learn new things or improve their abilities in a particular area, MasterClass is a great option. MasterClass is unique among online courses in that it employs some of the most well-known names in their respective fields to teach its courses.

You might consider purchasing the all-access ticket for $180 if you’re also interested in learning about other subjects covered by MasterClass, such as tennis, writing, poker, or any other of the many other topics covered therein. Compared to the $90 for a single course, that’s a far more reasonable pricing point for me.

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What to Expect from Masterclass

As a MasterClass participant, you’ll receive the following:

A class lasting anything from two to five hours, which you may view at your leisure. A printable lesson plan with a wealth of tools and activities. You’ll be able to communicate with other members/students and professors via a discussion board.

There are two price choices accessible to you. You have the option of purchasing an all-access plan or a single class. All-access passes cost $180 or $15 annually and give you access to all sessions. A single lesson is $90.

This course costs $90, even if the value of what you learn is dependent on what you get out of it. The all-access card is a great option if you plan on attending more than one class.

You can learn more about How does Masterclass Work?.

Who is Steph Curry?

Known as Steph Curry, he is a well-known American professional basketball player who now plays for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. On March 14, 1988, he was born. He is a six-time All-Star in the National Basketball Association and has won three titles. Some dubbed Steph “The Greatest Shooter” in NBA history, while others referred to him as just “The Greatest.” The three-point shot has been attributed for bringing the game to a new level because of Curry’s influence.

Is Steph Curry Masterclass Worth It?

Masterclass by Steph Curry includes 17 video lectures ranging from 10 to 20 minutes in length. You’ll learn how to dribble, shoot, and score like an MVP in each session. More than 54 tasks and notes are included in this course’s workbook that may be downloaded at any time. It is possible to read along with the movie or to return to the material at a later date. Students from across the world will also be there to help you along the way. When it comes to basketball-related queries, they are the people you turn to. My favourite feature was the shot-tracking spreadsheet they provide, which allowed me to keep track of my progress throughout the course (and your practice).

What I Like About Steph Curry’s MasterClass

The MasterClass format is perfectly suited to this course. A lot of classes are great, but they feel more like a lecture from someone who is an expert in their field rather than a course. Although the courses are excellent, you won’t be able to travel from point A to point B.

Curry’s, on the other hand, is a perfect fit. Probably because it’s a talent that can be easily measured in terms of success (shooting a basketball) (how many times it goes into the hoop).

Curry is also an excellent educator. For some time now, he’s been one of the NBA’s most recognisable stars. In part because he’s a more relatable figure at 6’3′′ (I wish I were that “short” myself). Regardless, he’s a shoe salesman’s dream and a natural in front of the camera. As a teacher, his ease on the stage and in the classroom makes him an excellent communicator.

In addition, Curry provides a number of excellent shooting routines that you may practice at home.

My favourite parts of Steph’s lessons are when he watches game tape and analyses his own performance. It’s a fascinating look at how Curry’s teachings are put into practise in the real world. This is what sets this session distinct from viewing some free YouTube tutorials on how to jump shot.

What Could Be Improved?

There is no such thing as a flawless course. There are a few minor issues with Steph Curry’s MasterClass that need to be addressed.

This is simply a shooting and ball-handling course, so there’s little emphasis on defensive play. As a result, it might be claimed that focusing solely on shooting and not on defence is a good imitation of Curry’s game.

Yes, I am aware that Curry is an underappreciated team defender who has significantly improved since his rookie season.

Some have been disappointed by the drill’s focus on shooting solely. I don’t see why you’d be disappointed by the course’s title, “Shooting and Ball Handling,” but that’s just my view.

However, having Draymond Green or Klay Thompson come in and provide a tutorial on how to play D would have been a fantastic addition.

The ability to film and analyse your own shooting form would be useful if you were shooting alone in a gym and making on-the-fly adjustments to your technique (like recognising you’re missing to the left a lot).


It is well worth your time to watch Steph Curry’s Masterclass if you are a lover of the sport. This option is best for those who are only interested in learning about basketball and don’t want to attend any of the other classes. It’s a little pricey, but if you can afford it, it’s a terrific resource.


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