Instaread vs Blinkist – Which one is better? 2022 Review

Instaread and Blinkist are compared in the following Instaread vs Blinkist review, including their simplicity of use, price, and title selection. After a thorough review we’d come to a conclusion which one is better on 2022?

Which is Easiest to Use?

Instaread and Blinkist are reading apps that break down books into easily consumable chunks. The applications are available for PC, iOS and Android devices, as well as Kindle. Both include a discovery option that lets you peruse fresh book summaries and add them to your library. You may then save them to your library and download them to read offline.

Blinkist vs Instaread - The Ultimate Comparison

Instaread and Blinkist include a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen that leads to the major panels. Blinkist incorporates an extra “Search” panel from Instaread into its discovery and library functions.

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Both applications feature options to return to the previous page or modify the text size on the reading interface. Choose the audio summary for a hands-free experience if you’re on the go. Blinkist also features filters that, when used, allow you to organise your library by how far you’ve read. Instaread also has a “visualised” option that allows you to consume information via an infographic. In terms of usability, both programmes are equivalent. The app’s clean design, simplistic user interface, and inconspicuous buttons make it simple to navigate. With these advantages, you can expect a distraction-free reading experience.

Instaread Vs Blinkist – Which one got better book?

Any reading software must take into account the availability of titles. This section compares and contrasts the amount and variety of titles available in each applications.

Instaread Book Selection

More than 1,000 titles are available in the areas of Business and Economics, Politics, Social Sciences, Self-Help, History, Science, Religion, and Health & Fitness on Instaread. Instaread features two more items that are exclusive to the app in addition to their choices.

‘Instaread Originals,’ for example, includes unique content created by the Instaread team. Another feature is their magazine and newspaper collection, which includes summaries of articles from publications such as The New York Times and Harvard Business Review. Instaread is a wonderful option to consider if you subscribe to any of these magazines and want to make the most of your membership.

Blinkist Book Selection

Blinkist, on the other hand, offers over 3000 books (or blinks), with 40 new titles added each month. Parenting, Personal Development, Productivity, Psychology, and Technology are among the 27 areas included in the collection. Blinkist is the better option in terms of the amount of titles available. However, Instaread’s collection is also rather extensive. It also has the advantage of providing a broader selection of media. Instaread also sells fiction novels, something that Blinkist does not.

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Instaread VS Blinkist Price Comparison

Blinkist is free to download, but you can only see one summary every day. This will be a random summary dubbed ‘The Daily Pick,’ rather than a title of your choosing. A paid membership is required to access the whole library of titles on the app. A one-month premium subscription costs $12.99, and a yearly subscription costs $79.99.

Blinkist’s premium subscription unlocks a slew of other capabilities, including the option to sync your text highlights with Evernote and send blinks directly to your Kindle if you want to avoid straining your eyes.

Instaread, on the other hand, charges $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year for a membership.

While both reading apps provide a 7-day free trial period during which you may sample the app without risk, Instaread is more cost-effective. Blinkist, on the other hand, may be worth considering if you don’t mind paying a little extra for interoperability with other productivity products.


After looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each, it’s time to compare and contrast what these two reading apps have to offer.

First and foremost, both Instaread and Blinkist feature an intuitive user experience. Both applications prioritise usefulness above extra frills that may detract from the reading experience. The basic style and straightforward navigation are big pluses for both in this regard.

Instaread excels in a number of areas, including pricing and the app’s supply of fiction titles. Finally, it is a terrific alternative for daring readers who love diversity, thanks to its unique content and magazine and newspaper services.

The amount of non-fiction works available on Blinkist is its most astounding feature. This far outnumbers the titles available on Instaread. Given the large number of publications available, this is a terrific option for readers who know what they want and appreciate nonfiction.

This Instaread vs Blinkist comparison should have given you a better understanding of what to anticipate from each of these reading apps. Which of them is the better option depends on your interests and the types of books you love. Now is the time to get started and immerse yourself in the available bite-sized information.


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