deadmau5 MasterClass Review

Do you want to know more about Electro Dance Music or EDM for short? You might be interested in Deadmau5 Masterclass. There are so many topics you may learn from this MasterClass.

I’m interested in learning more about MasterClass. How much does it cost?

It is possible to have access to MasterClass, an amazing online learning platform, over the internet. It’s well worth it if you want to study at your own speed from creative specialists at the top in their area. The course materials are excellent, and you will gain new knowledge.

MasterClass is an economical way of learning new things. It gives you access to world-class sportsmen, artists, authors, economists, and a wide range of other professionals. It takes account of concise content and high-caliber educators. Some of the most popular masterclasses are Gordon Ramsey for cooking, Serena Williams for tennis, Malcolm Gladwell for writing, and many more like:

  • Steph Curry plays the game of basketball.
  • Poker with Daniel Negreanu
  • Finance with Paul Krugman
  • David Carson is the man behind the design.

Registering gives you access to a 2- to 5-hour session that you may watch whenever you want, from the convenience of your own home. There is also a PDF lesson programme with various exercises and a discussion board.

When it comes to pricing, what options are there?

If you are concerned about how much you will need to put out to get masterclass, prepare yourself since it is lesser than other online classes out there. MasterClass is offered in two price choices such as:

Only $90 for one-on-one instruction

A $180 all-access pass is available. This is helpful when you plan to take over one class, even if it is an annual membership and doesn’t guarantee lifelong access. A 30-day money-back warranty is given if you find the masterclass not beneficial.
The particular course is pricey; nevertheless, it depends on what you get out of it. However, if you want to understand more things in life, the All-access pass is the ideal option.

Who is Deadmau5?

Joel Thomas Zimmerman, better known as Deadmau5, was born on January 5, 1981. He is a prominent electronic music producer, musician, and DJ who originates from Canada. Deadmau5 predominantly creates progressive house music; however, he also produces as well as DJs and other forms of electronic music including techno under Testpilot.

Joel has gotten grammy award nominations owing to his great work. Deadmau5 works with various producers and DJs such as MC Flipside, Kaskade, Wolfgang Gartner, and Ron Swire. As well as alongside Steve Duda, Tommy Lee, and DJ Aero, he was a member of the WTF ensemble.

My Review of Deadmau5’s MasterClass

Deadmau5’s MasterClass

Deadmau5’s MasterClass has so many things to offer, including 23 exciting and helpful lessons, access to class workbook that is full of fun exercises and advice. There is also access to a dedicated community of other learners.

When it comes to understanding the foundations of Electro Dance Music, DeadMau5 MasterClass is undoubtedly the greatest alternative. For a relatively low sum, you may know the secrets behind the success of Deadmau5.

Pros of the DeadMau5 MasterClass

I’d suggest the deadmau5 Masterclass to anyone just getting started in electronic music production (or starting to take it seriously) or who wants to learn from one of the genre’s biggest names.

Sure, there are a million YouTube videos with individuals providing advice for generating EDM. However, if you go into your MasterClass with the goal of receiving as much value as possible, you’ll discover the course is wonderfully worth your time.

When you join up for MasterClass you receive a lot more than just the video classes. There’s also an involved forum that enables you communicate with other course students. This is a terrific approach to learn from one another if you want to use it.

However, this isn’t a comprehensive newbie course. If you’ve begun studying about a topic and want to improve your knowledge, a MasterClass course is for you.

The training offers fantastic insight into how intricate EDM creation can be. Deadmau5 leads you through discovering melodies oneshots and effects on an experimental basis. This will help you grasp some of the workflows that will simplify your technique. You can also acquire some fantastic materials for free.


Even if you’re a seasoned producer, you’ll learn something new. I can’t suppose you’ll receive too many technical tips, but you will get a nice glance behind the curtains.

Improvements that Could be Made to the Deadmau5 MasterClass

Even while Joel Zimmerman’s MasterClass is fantastic, it isn’t without its flaws..

This MasterClass focuses on the argument between teachers and experts on who is the better instructor. I’m curious in what makes a good teacher, as I’m a trained one myself.

Sometimes, just because you’re an expert at something, doesn’t imply you’re a good instructor. Deadmau5 is a highly competent producer, however I think his teaching method was a touch wrong occasionally. He skips over a few essential aspects and doesn’t explain things very thoroughly more than once. Luckily it’s a video course since I had to go back and re-watch portions a few times to pick up what he’s saying.

In addition, for those with more knowledge, it would have been nice if the course had some more technical sections, but I realise the course is designed for everyone, making it a more basic course in terms of content.

Neither of these things are deal-breakers for me, but the course does leave a few questions unanswered. Still yet, if you’re a music maker with a little experience and am just starting out, you’ll acquire a lot from this course.

Is the deadmau5 MasterClass worth it?

All in all, yeah, if you’re starting to get into producing music and production, you’ll acquire a lot from deadmau5’s course. You’ll gain a lot of wonderful insights from someone who is genuinely at the top of the game.

You may save a lot of money if you plan to take more than one course with the all-access pass, which costs $180. I’ve attempted many courses and I haven’t discovered a poor one yet.

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