Blinkist Vs. Headway 2022 Comparison [Don’t choose this one]

Is it really necessary to read a whole book nowadays? Most people with their  hectic schedules with their offices and job, they barely find time to read stuff. Blinkist Vs. Headway: A Comparison of Book Summaries Platforms is Here to Make Their Lives A Little Easier.

A book summary software like Blinkist or Headway will allow you to acquire the essence of your favourite novels in a concise form. Like thus, although you do not get the tie read, you still may remain informed with all the non-fictional favourite novels of yours!

Blinkist is the most recognised site in the game, but nonetheless, Headway manages to give it a difficult fight. So, we’ll see how Blinkist is dominating the market and how Headway is responding to it, step by step.

Blinkist Vs. Headway

Blinkist and Headway will be discussed individually to begin with.

Review of Blinkist

Blinkist is a book summary platform. Each key insight is referred to as a ‘blink,’ and it is small enough to fit on a single page. The software is free to download, and so is setting up an account. You’ll be able to see the day’s choice if you do. That is one of their 4,000+ book summaries, and it changes every day. Besides unrestricted access to every single one of their nearly 4,000 titles, Blinkist Premium includes the following features:

  • The bulk of their summaries are available in audio format.
  • Saving your complete library offline
  • Syncing your highlights to Evernote
  • Sending your favourite summaries to your Kindle

Headway Review

Similar to Blinkist, Headway summarises popular nonfiction books so you may learn more while spending less time reading. To read book summaries, all you need is an app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You may hunt for the item, add it to your library, and start reading right now!

How Many Books Can I Find on Each Platform?

Spending money on a platform means you need to know which one has chosen your favourite books better!

Review of Blinkist

Blinkist features a variety of approximately 3,000 renowned nonfiction works to pick from. The Blinkist crew picks the highlighted titles and frequently changes them so that readers always have rare selections accessible.

Headway Review

Headway’s collection isn’t as impressive as Blinkist’s. Headway only gives a selection of summaries for hundreds of books as opposed to Blinkist. Headway doesn’t have many titles, but they do include summaries for some of the most recent and well-known nonfiction works.

The Winner

In this, we will have to give the edge to Blinkist, as it offers a bigger collection of books, which is most crucial for a book-lover.

Which Platform Offers Better Summaries?

In this area, we will look at which one maintains a quality platform for their true objective! So, what are we waiting for? Let us get started!


To be clear, summaries cannot replace the experience of reading a book in its entirety. After all, they are named “Summaries” for a purpose, which implies that they have to deliver the genuine favour in just 15 minutes! In fact, they’re of such high quality that Blinkist even sells them! In order to get the most out of Blinkist’s summaries, you have to have faith in the summarizer, as you should with any summarising service.


The same goes for Headway! If you want to learn anything and do not have enough time for it, then book summaries from Headway fall properly into that requirement! For the reader’s benefit, they provide background information and essential facts.

The Winner

It’s a win-win situation for both platforms in terms of the quality of the book summaries! Yes! You heard it right! Both the platform gives a full summary from which we receive a complete essence of the whole book. As a result, you’ll get high-quality summaries regardless of whatever app you use.

Which Platform is Budget-Friendly?

Now, it is time to look at the pricing possibilities of both Blinkist & Headway and select which one matches our pockets better.


Like all the other subscription services, Blinkist also offers a free basic trial, which one may use for 7 days straight. We’ll know whether this is something we want to pursue after the seven-day trial period.

The monthly membership plan is $15.99 if you enjoy Blinkist during the 7-day trial, while the yearly plan costs $99.99 altogether if you like it. Consider that the yearly plan is only $8.34/month, saving us a significant sum of money!


Headway also provides a free initial trial with access to the restricted features. There are numerous price choices that one may chose in Headway. That covers weekly/monthly, and yearly plans. But the most typical purchase is the monthly membership which costs almost $14.99/month.

The Winner

Again, in this round, Blinkist takes place. Although Headway is a bit cheaper than Blinkist, customers’ answers are not very hopeful about the Headway’s price strategy. Headway also has a complaint about having to pay for the same subscription plan more than once! That’s a real bummer! In addition, if we dig deeper, the Blinkist yearly plan offers significant savings. So, if you want to provide a solid verdict on both of them, then Blinkist would be a suitable choice.

The final outcome of the battle between Blinkist and Headway:

The winner of this race is Blinkist, which we’ve determined after thoroughly examining all features of both applications, namely Blinkist and Headway.

The reason is because it is an ancient platform, and trustworthy too! Since money is being spent on any tool, we should receive the most bang for our buck. Right? If you do not want to take the chance and go with the credibility, you must go with Blinkist.

Although, for a head-starter, Headway is not that awful! Additionally, they offer a solid selection of nonfiction titles that would be a great fit for anyone seeking for something fresh in the market.

The Blinkist vs. Headway FAQ

What is Blinkist?

It is a popular book reading site where information searchers and other book fans acquire fresh knowledge. Blinkist also provides you knowledge through podcasts and alerts.

What’s the Difference Between Headway and Blinklist?

Headway is another book reading site comparable to Blinkist that serves notable nonfiction titles. To read books, all you need on do is download the Headway app to your computer, iPad, or other mobile device.

Does Blinkist provide a free trial?

Yes, Blinkist offers 7 days free trial that allows you full access to read and study all its book summaries. Start a free trial of Blinkist and take a look at all the most popular sections.

Blinkist vs Headway: which is the superior product?

Both the platform Blinkist and Headway have their strengths and downsides. One can take their trial for both applications to see how they work. However, we greatly favoured Blinkist over Headway.

Conclusion: Blinkist Vs. Headway 2022

There’s nothing further to say now that the ultimate winner has been announced. If you’re in a rush and need a quick diversion, consider reading a book summary. For sure, no matter whatever programme you use, you will not be dissatisfied!

That’s it with our today’s review on Blinkist Vs. Headway. We really hope that you find our content to be beneficial. Please let us know if this comparison was useful to you in the comments area below. Until then, take care of everyone.🙂

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