On the Presumed Power of the Press

By Shira Telushkin Why didn’t the press shout? In the ongoing game of victim vs. perpetrator, the press has long been placed among the accused. Why didn’t the journalists write more stories, place them higher, publish stronger headlines? Why didn’t The New York Times scream of this Jewish massacre? If only people had known, then […]

The Team

2017 Journalism Faculty Ilene Prusher Gabriel Kahn 2017 Journalism Fellows Yemile Bucay (Columbia) Jacques Gallant (Toronto Star) Renee Gross (USC Annenberg) Kate Harloe (UC Berkeley Grad. School of Journalism) Astead W. Herndon (The Boston Globe) Laura Howells (Ryerson University) E. T. Sonner Kehrt (UC Berkeley Grad. School of Journalism) Nokuthula Manyathi (Columbia) Amanda McGowan (WGBH) […]