When a Reporter has to Make the ‘Death Knock’


By Katrina Clarke [Note: Originally published by J-Source, December 8, 2016; http://www.j-source.ca/article/when-reporter-has-make-%E2%80%98death-knock%E2%80%99] Standing in the doorway of a man whose nephew died in a police shooting 36 hours earlier, I felt like an intruder. “I can’t deal with this,” said Mejad “Jim” Yatim, a tired-looking man in a bathrobe, waving me away when I introduced myself as […]

The Role of Journalism and the Decision to Intervene

While many journalists strive for objectivity, there is also a rich tradition of an advocacy press that has played an integral part in movements for justice, including William Lloyd Garrison's anti-slavery The Liberator.

By Dayton Martindale A few years back, journalist Anne Hull went to Kentucky to write about welfare for the St. Petersburg Times. In the anthology Telling True Stories, she says that she spent three separate one-week spans with the same family. During the second week, the family’s baby developed a fever, and they didn’t have […]

Whose Truth Are We Telling?


By Ilgin Yorulmaz Is it ethical to report a complex conflict from only one side under certain circumstances? For an article published by the New York Times magazine in May, reporter Robert F. Worth traveled to Mardin in southeastern Turkey to report on the latest episode of violence in the decades long battle between Turkey […]

The Ethics of Reporting Suicide


By Priscilla Thompson Shortly after noon on Dec. 7, 2015, Priscilla Azore’s red Jeep crept up the dusty brown gravel road that lines the water at the Texas City Dike. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted something familiar, a dark purple Mazda 3 that sat parked on the side of the road. […]

A light in the Underworld: Salvadoran website El Faro has built its reputation with stirring stories of gangland, sparking threats at home and racking up prizes abroad.

Felipe Guardado was shot three times in the chest on September 11, 2014. Reporter Carlos Martínez and photographer Fred Ramos found him on the side of the highway and took him to a hospital, where he died the next morning. Photo by: Fred Ramos/El Faro

By Sarah Esther Maslin [NOTE: This story was originally published in the Columbia Journalism Review, November 21, 2016.]  “Son of a…!” Óscar Martínez raced to the central jail. He’d just watched six of his sources get arrested. Earlier that day in June 2015, members of the 18th Street gang had shot a policeman in a […]

Reporting on Heroin Use in Small Town Maine


By Christopher Crosby LEWISTON, Maine – Lewiston and its sister city of Auburn hug the Androscoggin River some 35 miles north of the state’s capital, Portland. Along the river are parallel grids of brick factory buildings that have been turned into condos and boutique restaurants. The newsroom of the local newspaper, Lewiston Sun Journal, looks […]

The Ethics of Reporting on Underserved Communities

By Matthew Beagle The city of Richmond, California has one of the highest crime rates in the nation. You can read about it almost daily in the California press. There are stories of rape, murder, manslaughter, armed robbery and aggravated assault. But there is a lot more to Richmond, like community barbeques, backpack giveaways before […]